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Puget Sound Genealogical Resources

The following information contained in the Resource pages is provided by the PS-APG Chapter. The information is to assist researchers in finding genealogical resources in the Puget Sound area. At this time, we are covering the area west of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. There are some links to websites that expand to cover the State of Washington and beyond. Important: When moving around in the "Resources" section of this website use your back arrow/button. Do not close the page or you will have to start over.

Our Resource Pages:

This list is by no means complete, but it is a start. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot find all vital records (which include birth, death, marriage, and divorce) on the Internet. There are privacy issues and the heavy cost of providing these sources online means it is going to take a long time for access to occur, if ever. The other important factor is that you do need original records to prove your genealogical line. Hopefully this guide will assist you and get you started. It is based on our experience doing research in the Puget Sound area and beyond.

If after you consult these Internet sites and still need assistance with your genealogical research, please feel free to contact our members directly by going to their PS-APG Members Profile. The APG Directory features our PS-APG members and also covers all of the United States, Canada and International locations.

Be advised that many of the organizations listed on these Resource pages are volunteer staffed. Please be patient and clear on what it is you want them to do for you. Some will charge a fee for research, others will accept a donation. You will need to read their websites for more information about what they offer for research, call or email for clarification. Make sure they provide a source for the work they do. Sources are important because you may want to revisit that source later as you learn more in your research. Another reason is you need the source to provide the proof of your genealogical research.

Happy Hunting!
Bonnie Jean MacDonald, PS-APG Past President.