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Becoming a Member
Benefits of Chapter Membership
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Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) or, for that matter, the Puget Sound Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists (PS-APG), may seem like a big step. Do you have questions and wonder if you are ready?

We suggest that you go to the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) website for more information on membership and join online. Here is the link to the national APG website where the membership benefits are outlined.

The Puget Sound Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists (PS-APG) was established in the Summer of 2002 by a group of genealogists in the area who were members of the national Association of Professional Genealogists. They held their first meeting in October 2002. Shortly after by-laws for the chapter were established. You can view the Revised By-Laws by clicking here.

You are welcome to attend PS-APG meetings to get to know us. We welcome guests.


Benefits of Chapter Membership

Advertising of your business is accomplished at the national level through the Directory, which is a members only option. At the Chapter level your business contact and biography are also featured. This gives you twice the advertising power. It continues with inclusion in our Chapter Brochure which is distributed locally and nationally. See our Member Profiles page to read about our members.

Educational opportunities: PS-APG holds at least five meetings each year and our meetings feature some educational topic on genealogy. Field trips are scheduled to archives of genealogical interest in the local area. We feel that education is vital to success in genealogy. See our Meetings schedule for current topics.

Networking with others: PS-APG meetings, events and conference attendance offer opportunities for establishing mutually beneficial relationships with fellow genealogists all throughout the world. In addition, opportunities to reach out to other business people and potential clients are provided through our interaction with the community.

Business Contacts: Opportunities for business contacts are increased. Genealogical jobs come to our organization and are passed on to members. PS-APG attends conferences offering services to those in the genealogical community who stop by the conference table.

Lecture Opportunities: PS-APG members are encouraged to present their lectures to the members, if they choose. Lecture opportunities come to PS-APG and are passed onto the members. Opportunities to lecture have originated from D.A.R., genealogical societies in the area, and the Family History Expo, which is held annually.

Genealogical News: Our members are aware of happenings and events in the genealogical world and share that information at meetings or via e-mail.


Steps to take to become a member

Membership in PS-APG requires current membership in the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG). If you are not yet a member of APG, you may join by going to the national APG Membership page.

PS-APG Membership: Any current APG member wishing to join the chapter may do so by completing the Puget Sound Chapter Registration Form and Publicity Release Form (PDF Format). [Can't read PDF documents? Download the free Adobe Acrobat reader!]PS-APG has yearly dues of $15.00. The dues are from January 1 to December 31 and are collected at the October meeting. All members are required to pay their dues in order to keep their names in the chapter brochure and on the website. It is called being a “Member in Good Standing.”

All of our members abide by the APG Code of Ethics.

If you have questions you are invited to contact the President, Jim Johnson.