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From left to right: Eric opens the discussion; Eric shares ideas for a forum; Trish gives her lecture

The PS-APG Speakers Forum was created at the beginning of 2013 so that those persons interested in learning and improving their speaking skills could gather and exchange ideas. Participants are encouraged to present a lecture at a meeting and then receive feedback on their presentation in a safe environment. There will be discussions on the use of equipment, how to choose good equipment, how to prepare topics and submit topics for conferences, how to use PowerPoint effectively, and a lot more topics.

The PS-APG Speakers Forum is open to all who are interested in learning to become effective lecturers. If you already have experience lecturing or teaching classes you are still encouraged to join this forum which is created to improve skills and to gain more confidence in presenting in front of others.

The meetings for the PS-APG Speakers Forum are every other month. Meetings will be scheduled either before or after the regular chapter meetings. Go to our Meetings page for up-to-date information.

If you are interested in participating, contact Janet Camarata for membership details and meeting schedules. The PS-APG Speakers Forum is a closed group on Facebook. If you have an account with Facebook you can request membership in the group. Please contact our Chapter President, Jim Johnston, if you would like to request a speaker for your upcoming genealogical event.